Great Deal On Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

Over the last year, the Volvik Vivid has become my favorite ball. The Vivid’s matte finish makes the balls extraordinarily, shockingly bright. They are nigh impossible to lose either in flight or on the ground. I get respectable distance from the ball, and like the way it plays around the green. Vovik says the ball is an 80 compression designed for players with swing speeds in the 70 – 90 mph swing speed range.

I also have this personal theory that the ball is so bright that it appears larger than it is, making contact easier.

The only issue is that they are on the higher end of prices. The Vivid lists for $29 on the Volvik site, and actually sells for higher at my local pro shop.

However, as of this writing, you can get the Vivid for 17.24 a dozen on Amazon. Follow this link.

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