Great Lakes Golf Company Gloves Review

Great Lakes Golf Company Gloves Review

Great Lakes Golf Company Gloves
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A good glove with its own style.

I will confess that I do not often play with a glove. Sweaty palms do not plague me, and taking the glove off and on is just an annoyance. Thus, I play with bare hands.

That said, I tried the Great Lakes gloves for a couple of rounds in the name of science.

The verdict is that they feel as good as golf gloves I have worn from Footjoy, Titleist and Mizuno (the other gloves I will sometimes wear). The gloves fit snugly without constricting, and don’t have the extra space at the tops of the fingers that I occasionally find in some brands.

The gloves are made of a cabretta leather that Great Lakes Golf Company advertises as “slightly thicker” and thus designed to last a little longer than most. I do not have any reason to doubt that they will last at least as long as any of the name brands.

For what it’s worth, cabretta leather is made from the hides of “hair sheep” (which weirdly for their name have no hair) or lambs. Heading further down the rabbit hole, the phrase about handling something with “kid gloves” refers to gloves made of young goat skins (kids).

My favorite version of the gloves is the one with maps of the Great Lakes on the thumb. That’s a neat look. I also like the old school looking stripes on the wrist cuffs.

I’ve thus far written about golf balls and a golf bag from Great Lakes Golf, a Frankenmuth, Michigan based company. In coming weeks, I’ll have something to say about their towels and headcovers.

Give them a look: Great Lakes Golf Company (website) has a nice style and some quality gear.

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