Great Blue Heron Photo From Cascades Golf Course

Heron (1 of 1)

Photo taken this afternoon at the Cascades Golf Course in Jackson, Michigan.

Taken with a Canon Rebel XSi, 18-55mm lens, 100 ISO, f5.6, 1/60

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1 thought on “Great Blue Heron Photo From Cascades Golf Course”

  1. That’s awesome.  Have you noticed that you rarely see two herons on a single lake?  There are a few at the golf course on lakes usually over an halfacre or so, but only one per pond, and then not within a couple holes of each other.  I have noticed that at other courses too.  We live on a 15 acre neighborhood lake, and will see the heron in our backyard mocking the dog through the fence, but there is never more than one on the lake (except occasionally a youngling with an adult).  I always joke when our lake is heron-less (probably about 10-15% of the time)- that we need to call Tenn Wildlife Resources and have a new heron assigned.


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