Great Golf Cart Crashes

The GolfBlogger gets a lot of requests for free publicity: “I’ve just started my a new website and thought you might like to write about it …” or “I’m holding a golf outing in Rio Linda, California and wanted you to know about it” and so on.

It’s always been my intention to be generous with GolfBlogger time and space, but lately, my senses have been dulled by the sameness of them all. How many golf social networking sites do we need? Or online retailers? Or sites where you can make a tee time or review a course?

Still, a few always break through the haze. Businesses in Michigan get first priority, of course. It’s my way of helping the economy (which the legislature and governor seem incapable of doing). So do original ideas. Or a clever new angle.  I always write reviews on products that get sent for me to test. I love reading and reviewing new golf books. And I appreciate free quality content I can work from.

Radical Golf Carts broke through the haze by sending me a link to several very funny (scary) photographs of golf cart crashes. One’s below. You can see the rest here.


The site also has some interesting parts to help you pimp your cart. If you want a jacked-up golf cart with military grade tires, custom rocker panels, headlights and mirrors, this is the place.

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