Green Meadows Golf Course Review

Green Meadows Golf Course Review
The eighteenth at Green Meadows is a 375 yard par 4.

Green Meadows Golf Course Review

Green Meadows Golf Course
Monroe, Michigan
Grade: C
Teacher’s Comments: Enjoyable, if not memorable.

Green Meadows just might be the flattest course I have ever played. It was fun, if not particularly memorable.

Designed in 1973 by Harley Hodges, Green Meadows is laid out over 110 acres of open terrain. The few trees between the holes do not really threaten to trap shots, although some stands are strategically placed to create meaningful doglegs.

This is a place where a bogey golfer can have a good round.

Strategic interest on the course is offered by two creeks that meander through ten of the holes. Raised greens also offer some variety.

Still, Green Meadows is for the most part a straightforward course: hit the ball as far as you can, then hit it again to the green. The course has four doglegs. Bunkers are located to the sides of the greens, leaving fronts open for a variety of shot types.

From the back tees, Green Meadows stretches to 6, 391 yards and plays to a 68.8/119. The middle tees are in at 6, 070 and a 67.7/117.

The seventh at the dogleg.

My favorite hole on the course was the 530 yard par 5 seventh. A dogleg right, it calls for the player to carry a creek some 250 yards away. It’s possible to reach the green in two, but the shot would be blind from the fairway. A golfer lacking the firepower to clear the creek can lay up, then hit a second to the corner. From there, it’s a wedge into the green.

Green Meadows is well-cared for. Fairways and greens were in good shape. The area around the clubhouse was beautifully landscaped. It had, however, rained heavily the night before and was drizzling during my round. As a result, fairways were soggy and a few parts had areas of standing water. With better weather, I think my shots would have rolled out quite a bit in the fairways.

If Green Meadows was my local course, I would happily play it multiple times a week. Green Meadows would be a great course for an outing.

The Green Meadows golf course review was first published April 15, 2020 from notes and photos taken on a round played in the summer of 2019. For more of Golfblogger’s Michigan Golf Course Reviews, follow the previous link.

A photo tour of Green Meadows follows:

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