Greenskeeper Custom Home Golf Greens

putting_greenAmong my many golf fantasies is the idea of having a putting green in my back yard. On a teacher’s salary, that’s a non-starter. But if I hit the lottery, I’d head straight to Greenskeeper Golf to get one installed.

I first saw Greenskeeper Golf at the Novi show, where owner Bill Green (yes, that’s his real name) was showing off a huge display of his UV-treated polypropylene and nylon putting green surface. It was beautifully landscaped and was the cause of instant golf-lust. The surface putted very realistically, and would even hold wedge shots and chips.

I’m not alone in thinking this is good stuff. Here’s a great review of Greenskeeper Golf in the Oakland Press.

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1 thought on “Greenskeeper Custom Home Golf Greens”

  1. I keep toying with this idea, but it has to be one that I can build and maintain myself (unless the Powerball win comes in). 

    I will be happy if I can just get the two projects I do want completed – one a sandtrap disguised as a sandbox for my 4 year old – and two, a level shelf in the backyard which I can put a net behind so I can hit balls (all my property slopes to the rear as we border a lake).

    But both of those projects are bigger than the simple project which is still on the drawing board eight years now – a simple concrete pedestal for my telescope.


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