Greystone Golf Course Review

Sixteen at Greystone is a 209 yard par 3

Greystone Golf Course Review

Greystone Golf Course
Washington, Michigan
Grade: B
Teacher’s Comments: A fun and interesting — but quite challenging design.

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Greystone’s claim to fame is its self-declared “best finish in Michigan Golf.” The three-hole stretch around an abandoned, water-filled quarry certainly is striking — especially for southeast Michigan. Unfortunately, on the day I played, everyone was starting on the back nine, so I missed the finishing effect.

Built in 1982, Greystone is a Jerry Matthews design. In character, it lies somewhere between parklands and links. Much of the course is open, with plenty of mounding; at other times, trees line the fairway or restrict a tee shot.

There are a lot of carries over rough off the tee, but the landing zones tend to be wide, so it is generally safe to swing all out for that vital first shot. Even better: a lot of the tee shots are from elevated positions. The routing is clever in that respect.

Seven at Greystone is a 373 yard par 4

From the back tees, Greystone reaches nearly 7,000 yards and has a slope of 140.

Black6, 91373.8140
Grey6, 55671.8134
White5, 92069.1129
Gold5, 03369.7126

It is important to play Greystone from the correct tees, because it is tough. The starter recommended playing up.

Four at Greystone is a 524-yard par 5

My favorite hole at Greystone was the 524-yard par five fifth. The tee shot is tight through a narrow opening in the trees, but from there it opens up to a decently sized landing zone. The second shot is slightly uphill, leaving a nice downhill lob into the green.

A view of the green from the fairway on Greystone’s fourth

I found this hole interesting for the way it opened up the closer I got to the hole. The longest and generally least accurate club had the tightest shot; as it progressed, the landing expanded. It played counter to a typical hole that has a large zone for the tee shot and which narrows toward the green.

The finishing holes — which I played as 7, 8 and 9 — also were interesting. Sixteen (see the photo at top) is a downhill par 3 reminiscent of many in Northern Michigan.

The seventeenth at Greystone is a 412 yard par 4

Seventeen is a shortish par 4 that starts on an elevated tee, wraps around the lake and then rises again to the green. Eighteen is a tight shot along a ridge with an interrupted fairway. The approach shot is over a finger of the lake to a large, double tiered green.

A view of Greystone’s 18th from the fairway

Conditions on the day I played were good. The fairways were thoroughly covered in grass; greens and tee boxes were in good shape.

Peak season rates at Greystone were in the $50 to $60 range in the 2022 season.

I had fun at Greystone and would play again. My only complaint is that they don’t allow walking; I think it’s a pretty walkable layout.

The post Greystone Golf Course Review first appeared on GolfBlogger.Com. It is based on notes and photos taken on a round played in the summer of 2022.

A photo tour of Greystone Golf Course follows:

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