Grip Friend Review

Grip Friend Review

Grip Friend Review

Grip Friend

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Grade: C
Teacher’s Comments: Solidly designed and built, but heavy. Perhaps unnecessary.

The Grip Friend is one of a number of products designed to keep your golf grips clean and dry when you need to put them on the ground. With its slots in a triangular configuration, Grip Friend lets you tote three clubs from the cart to the green; from cart to the ball on cart path only courses; to a range, or to a practice area.

Made in the USA of heavy plastic, The Grip Friend has a ring and carabiner attached to the end so you can suspend it from your bag.

Grip Friend

The bottom line is that Grip Friend works as designed. Clubs in the slots stay clean and dry. Further, because you can take a couple of clubs with you, it can potentially save time in walking back and forth to the cart.

I did, however,  find using Grip Friend a bit awkward. The Grip Friend is certainly more of a hassle than grabbing a towel and a couple of clubs by their relatively thin shafts. Unclipping the Grip Friend from the bag; pulling the clubs and; putting them into the slots is a new ritual for people used to towels, or placing their extra clubs across the pulled flag pole.

As such, experienced golfers may find this an unnecessary addition to their game. There are a lot of keep-your-grips-dry products out there, and I have never seen anyone use anything other than a towel.

For my part, as a dedicated walking golfer, the Grip Friend is of less use to me than it would be to a habitual cart-rider. I really don’t have any need to carry clubs from bag to ball. I can park my stand bag or push cart just off the green with the same effect. I will, however, throw it in the trunk of my car when heading out for rounds where I know I will be riding in a cart.

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