Guideline Eyegear Swell Sunglasses Review

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Guideline Eyegear Swell

Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: Well constructed, comfortable, priced right

Thomas Riley Marshall, Woodrow Wilson’s Vice President famously quipped “What this country needs is a good five cent cigar.”

Along those same lines, someone at Guideline Eyewear must have thought “what this country needs is a good inexpensive line of sunglasses.”

Guideline Swell’s Wayfarer style sunglasses meet that challenge. They are much better constructed and have better optics than the discount store varieties, but at $59 are much cheaper than many of the premium brands.

Construction seems quite solid. The hinges are tight, and there is no give around the lens. Everything seems fixed properly in place. Guideline says that they’re constructed of something called Grilamid BTR, a bio-based polymer, which it claims is more durable than the usual lot. I would agree that they seem quite tough. I actually misplaced them for quite a bit, only to find them at the bottom of pile of junk I keep in the passenger seat of my car. Not a scratch on ‘em.

The Guideline Swell’s lenses are very clear and crisp, actually enhancing visibility in that diffuse light that sits between a full blaze and overcast. They work just as well in bright sunshine. The lenses are polarized polycarbonate, with protection from UV A and B.

I’ve worn the Guideline Swells on two outings now, and like the fit. They’re a little on the large size, which fits my wide cheekbones quite nicely, but don’t slip when I’m swinging. I also appreciate that—unlike many sports oriented glasses—these are not face hugging. That means that when I overheat, they don’t fog up like a couple of other pair I own.

I had no problem reading the green with the Guideline Swells on—which is not always true with sunglasses. I often find I need to remove sunglasses to properly read the green.

As much as I like the Guideline Swags for golf, though, I like them even better as a pair of driving glasses. The big lenses give me a wide field of view, and I feel as though the clarity helps in seeing other cars.

Plus, they’re James Dean cool.


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