Gust Buster Umbrella Review

Gust Buster Umbrella
Gust Buster Umbrella

GustBuster Umbrella

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Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Now permanently in my bag.

An umbrella is a piece of golf equipment that no golfer really ever wants to use. And yet if you don’t have a good one, an inconvenient spell of weather can turn into misery.

I had a chance to test the GustBuster on a recent golf league outing where the rain was doing the infuriating on-for-fifteen, off-for-fifteen dance. Rain fell and the wind blew. Then the sun came out and the air calmed. Then it rained again. The GustBuster went up; the GustBuster went down.

Through it all, the GustBuster performed like a champ. The double canopy with the drop shaped vents stood up to the wind, and I stayed dry without having to resort to my rain suit.

The folks at GustBuster say that the umbrella has been wind tested to more than 55 miles per hour. Unless you’re playing the Scottish Open or Open Championship, that should be enough.

If you’ve got a generic umbrella that has an unfortunate tendency to collapse or take off like Mary Poppins in the wind, get a GustBuster. It will pay for itself the first time it saves a round.

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