Haggar Cool 18 Shorts Review

haggar golf shorts



Haggar Men’s Cool 18 Gabardine Hidden Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Short

Grade A
Teacher’s Comments: Stylish and cool

I’ve worn these Haggar Cool 18 shorts for a couple of seasons now and they’re my favorite shorts on and off the course.

They’re a good length for me, coming to just above the knee. Unlike lot of shorts, these pockets are deep, so things don’t fall out. I also appreciate the expandable waist feature, which makes swinging the golf club more comfortable. The hidden waist feature is pretty well hidden, too.

The material on the pants is lightweight without feeling flimsy. It’s quite cool and comfortable in even the muggiest of weather.

I also think that they’re priced quite nicely. At around $25 a pair, they’re half the price of some other major manufacturers’ golf shorts.



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