Hank Haney On How He Fixed Rush Limbaugh

Here’s an article with a Hank Haney interview on how he fixed Rush Limbaugh’s game.

I personally found the Limbaugh project to be entertaining. But then, I find Rush on the radio to be entertaining. I’m not a dittohead by any means—I don’t like his stand on teachers, naturally—but he is entertaining.

Hank Haney … if you’re listening … what you need to do now is to have the GolfBlogger Project. Sign me up!!

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1 thought on “Hank Haney On How He Fixed Rush Limbaugh”

  1. Haney perpetuates the ‘Limbaugh is an 18’.  Well, I don’t know where that is, because if you look him up on GHIN, he has two recorded handicaps and both are in the 13s.  They are not updated often, but it shows a consistency in the 85-95 range, and perhaps Rush is just saying since he shoots around 90 he is an 18, but it don’t work that way Rushie boy.  You shoot an 85 on a course with a 139 slope and that isn’t a 13 over par going into your handicap record, it is a 10 over par.

    Right from the first show, you could see, while it was a little ugly, he struck the ball pretty well.  He gets more distance than I do, even though our body is similar – and I am a 15 right now.  He was clearly in trouble in sand, which I find not uncommon for a 12-13.  I am as good out of the sand as some of the 6s I play with, but there are a few 9-12s in my group which fear the sand and are truly trapped in there.

    Rush was being his arrogant self in the first couple shows, which nobody should expect less- but he is a perfectionist in what he does, and I also expected him to embrace this, which he did by the 5th show or so. 

    I wonder what happened to Haney’s wife after the 3rd show or so?  she vanished after having a somewhat prominent role initially – including her modelling shoot.  She was nice to look at but a waste of the shows time.


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