Happy 80th Arnie!

Happy 80th birthday to Arnold Palmer.

For everything that he’s accomplished, and the way he has carried himself throughout, Palmer is my golfing hero—and a real model for anyone who wants to know what a true gentleman is. It’s one of my dreams to meet Palmer and shake his hand and thank him.

3 thoughts on “Happy 80th Arnie!”

  1. There are some people you just know you would like, if you met them. I am certain that if any of us were/are lucky enough to have met him, we would like him even more. He never forgot his first win at the Canadian Open, and neither has Canada.

    A friend has a huge photo of him and Arnold Palmer in his office, taken at a golf show 20-25 years ago. My friend says he is just as friendly as people say he is. He is a great example of how to balance fame and achievement while at the same time being himself.

    Happy Birthday, Mr Palmer.


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