Happy Father’s Day To All Dads

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads. We deserve it.

Being a father is the most important work I will ever do, and if you will permit me a moment, I would like to brag.

Thing One recently was awarded the Eagle Scout Award, just finished his first year of college (in what would normally be his Senior Year of High School), and has a meaningful job (not a gopher) at an automotive engineering firm. He plays violin in a community orchestra and tinkers with computers (programming stuff) for fun. I would tell you what, specifically, Thing One is working on, but I don’t usually understand what he’s talking about—usually stuff about Linux and C++ and various bits and doodads that he’s soldering together. For all I know, he’s building a death ray.

Thing Two is working on his Star Scout badge (then only Life and Eagle are left), gets solid grades in school (he just finished the seventh grade), and is developing into a well-liked, well-rounded young man. He plays trumpet in his school band and loves to read and play games of any sort—tabletop and video. He spends a lot of time designing and making both. His latest creation is a video game he programmed in Scratch that involves squashing people with tanks.

Neither likes golf, but that’s ok. I promised myself that I would never be one of those parents who pushed their kids into doing specific things. Instead, Mrs. GolfBlogger and I have worked to provide wide variety of experiences and let them decide what they had the most interest in. All we have insisted is that they stay involved. In our house, you must DO something.

Thanks for the indulgence. I’m not going to start watching US Open Coverage.

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