Hartland Glen Golf Course Review

Hartland Glen (5 of 5)

Hartland Glen Golf Course

Grade: C
Teachers’ Comments: A pleasant enough layout, but I found poor conditions and very slow play

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Hartland Glen is a pleasant, if not particularly memorable course. It is not one that I’d go out of my way to revisit, but I can see how it is a local favorite. I would not hesitate for a minute to schedule a golf outing at this course.

I played the North, the older of Hartland Glen’s two courses. Built in 1972, it measures 6,207 from the blues and plays to a 69.9/120. From the whites, it comes in at 6,067 and a 69/117. Bogey golfers are going to get a good score on this course, particularly if they’ve played it several times.

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Hartland Glen North’s holes tree lined, but not densely. Trees should only an issue on four holes: 10, 11, 15 and 17. Water comes significantly into play on just three holes. I counted upwards of forty bunkers, but these were typically small.

Big, but somewhat wild hitters can break out the big dog here, so long as their recovery skills are in order. Missing left or right on most holes won’t be a huge issue. Not having a particularly good day off the tee, I played several shots from adjacent fairways for impressive recoveries.

My favorite hole was the seventh, a 489/500 yard par 5 with a slight dogleg left. The entire left side of the hole is out of bounds, so keep it on the higher right. Even the bogey golfer has a great chance at a birdie here.

Another nice hole was the tenth, which meanders through a shady wood. The par three ninth and eighteenth also are fun.

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Conditions on the day I visited were not particularly good. There were quite a few areas that suffered from water damage and the tee boxes were beat up. The whole thing to me looked a bit unkempt.

My other complaint is that play was very slow. Actually, appallingly so. My group ran into a log jam at eleven, and we were two groups deep on every tee box the rest of the way in. I’m not sure how this happened, because the course is not difficult enough to slow things down.

All that said, I can see why this is a busy course and an apparent local favorite. The course is player friendly. It has a cozy clubhouse, pro shop and kitchen. There’s a great driving range. Further, prices are good at $23 walking at peak; $30 with a cart.

I think I’d like to return to Hartland Glen this summer to see if conditions and play time are better than on my first visit. If so, I’d be able to raise the grade. Its a friendly layout.

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