Has Daly Worn Out His Welcome?

Sports Columnist Ray Melnick says the PGA needs John Daly.

But Mike Bianchi has had it up to here with his antics and says that the PGA needs to suspend him.

2 thoughts on “Has Daly Worn Out His Welcome?”

  1. Bianchi comes off as more of a jerk than Vijay in his rant.  Daly is a mess, no doubt—but he hasn’t done anything which deserves suspension I don’t think.  Yeah he drinks, smokes, eats, gambles and has pretty much turned himself into a one man merchandising machine. 

    If he starts betting on tournaments he is in, or if he starts drinking right before or during a competition round then lets talk about suspension or even more then.  But just because he doesn’t fit the mold, big deal.

    John is the only one of these guys I would like to go around the course with.  I would love to see Tiger or Phil or Freddie play from the sideline, but JD is the only one I would like to walk down the course with and talk to for 4 hours.  It is really refreshing that JD puts the fans almost as much on a pedestal as the fans usually put the players.

  2. How soon we forget. Has not this man led the driving distance 9 or possibly 10 years, that in it’s self is extraordinary. Not to metion the few but no less wins on tour! Me a humbled 4hcp. could not even imagine living the life of even the least known sports figure, much less shoot a low #. Yes he has to deal with some issues, and from watching his show he has many. But some of us have to hit bottom to make it sink in our fractured minds. Does anyone know David Duval, you talk about hitting bottom! Ian Baker-Finch, touche. Harvey Penick once said after he saw Sam Snead swing and hit a ball that he was amazed and gave the tour a second thought and resorted to teaching. We all want heroes but man don’t they pay the price. If Finchem even remotely decides to fine or suspend Big John he is making a big mistake! Lets support John instead of crucifying him.


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