Has Tiger Lost His Tempo?

It is more than a bit self-serving—John Novosel sells a book called Tour Tempo: Golf’s Last Secret Finally Revealed—but his article in Golf suggests that Tiger’s problem is that he’s lost his tempo. Novosel says that virtually every top flite golfer maintains a 3-1 tempo of backswing to forward swing. Tiger, Novosel says, once had the best tempo in golf, but now is among the worst.

I think Novosel is on to something. One thing I’ve noticed about Tiger’s swing lately is just how awkward it looks. That’s probably the tempo I’m seeing. (I’m quite musical, and my parents are both music teachers, so I know I have a more innate sense of tempo than many). Of course, as Tiger gets more comfortable with whatever it is Sean Foley is trying to get him to do, he should be able to return to a better tempo.

I reviewed Tour Tempo here some time ago.

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