Hawk On The Golf Course

Hawk On The Golf Course
Hawk On The Golf Course From A Round at Washtenaw Golf Club February 3, 2020

Hawk On The Golf Course

This magnificent raptor wards over the fifteenth and sixteenth holes at the Washtenaw Golf Club. I see him (her?) every time I have played over the last season. I took the photo above during my February 3 round at the course.

If I were a squirrel on those tree-lined holes, I would move to a different zip code. I have on many occasions seen that same hawk with an tasty rodent in its claws.

Happy hawk; sad squirrel

I find that one of the great joys of golf is the opportunity to observe the wildlife. For all the whinging about the impact of golf courses on the environment, many are great wildlife refuges. At Washtenaw alone, I have seen a huge variety of birds, including hawks, owls, cormorant, large numbers of ducks and uncountable songbirds. I’ve also seen deer, fox, raccoons, groundhogs and muskrat.

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