Hawk Meadows Golf Course Review

Hawk Meadows Golf Course

Howell, Michigan

Overall Grade: C
Teacher’s Comments: A nice neighborhood course.

While no one is ever going to mistake it for a premium course, Hawk Meadows is a nice neighborhood track that I would play again. It measures 6,377 from the blues, with a course rating of 70 and a slope of 122.

It’s an older course, having opened in 1969. As such, the walk from each green to the next tee is short, and while the fairways don’t run parallel, you can always see several from each of the holes. It has a very nice, friendly feel to it.

It’s one of the two or three easiest to walk courses I’ve ever encountered. There’s no reason for any but the handicapped to ride.

Architectural connoisseurs will no doubt find much at fault with this course. There’s only one dogleg of any note; on the remainder of the holes, you just hit it as far as you can with a driver and then pick a mid- or short- iron for your approach. A lack of hazards further accentuates the bomb-and-gouge style of play.

But that’s ok. While I prefer course that make me think my way around, sometimes its fun to just hit the ball, chase after it and hit it again.

The course is relatively well maintained, with only a few patchy areas on the fairways, good greens, and nice bunkers.

The best part was the price. I don’t know whether they were running a special, but the price was $18 including cart. I walked for $15.

I think this would be a great course to schedule an outing on. The wide open nature will allow high handicappers (and outings are full of those) to have fun, while the price can’t be beat. They’ve also got a huge banquet facility and a big deck.

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