High Schol Golfer Turns Self In

Hayley Milbourn, on her way to winning her third straight Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association title, turned herself in for hitting a wrong ball and finished out of the competition.

She had a nine shot lead when finished her second and final round and did not discover the mistake until she was putting here equipment away.

“I could have [gotten away with it],” Milbourn said in a Baltimore Sun article. “But I would have been disgusted with myself if I would have just put the ball back in my bag and taken the trophy.”

I teach high school students and sometimes get frustrated with their general lack of morals. But stories like this give me hope for the future. Ms. Milbourn exemplifies the honor and integrity of the game of golf.

“I have a lot more golf to play,” Milbourn said. “This is not my last tournament in my life. It was just one tournament. It doesn’t define the rest of my life. I have a pretty heavy conscience, and that’s what led me to make the decision I did. It’s always good to do what your conscience tells you to do.”

I’m going to give that girl a GolfBlogger Good Golfing Award.



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