Hole By Hole On Tiger’s Return

Here’s a play-by-play of Tiger’s return to golf at the Accenture Match Play Championship.

2 thoughts on “Hole By Hole On Tiger’s Return”

  1. We may see a Tiger-McIlroy matchup tomorrow.  That would be huge.

    McIlroy today is playing Hunter Mahan.  Oddsmakers have Mahan a slight favorite, which would make a wager on McIlroy the deal of the century.  Anyone who watched McIlroy win at Dubai knows this kid is the real deal.  Barring injury, he’ll be in the top five within a year and number two within a couple.  Mahan is slight favorite, but if you ask me, McIlroy should easily be 3-1 favorite.

    Looking forward to today’s action.  About Tiger, what can you say?  The best ever, for my money.  If we get the Tiger-McIlroy matchup tomorrow, it’ll be bigger than Ali-Frazier!

  2. Carter—I was looking at the same matchup and thinking exactly the same thing.

    There was a moment a few decades ago at the US Open in Cherry Hill in Colorado, when Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer and a young Jack Nicklaus all stood on the tee together. The symbolism was apparent even at that point—golf’s past, present and future all in one group.

    We might be seeing the same thing with McIlroy – Woods.


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