Hole In One For The GolfBlogger!

I sneaked out today to get in a quick nine and on the sixth hole recorded a hole in one!

It’s actually my third ace—but only the second with a witness. I was lucky someone saw this one, as I was playing alone (as usual).

The sixth hole at Green Oaks in Ypsilanti, Michigan is a 160 yard par 3 with a large pond guarding the front of the green. The green slopes severely from front to back, forming what almost looks like a miniature green ski slope.

The hole actually hates me. I can’t count how many balls I’ve fed into the water there, so I used a beat up Pro V1 that I had found on the previous hole. To make sure I got it there on the fly—the green starts only about a yard from the water—I used my Adams Tight Lies 9 wood. Choking down a bit (I typically can hit this about 170), I hit a high fade. The ball came in from the left side, hitting above the hole, and then began a slow curl back.

That’s when I heard a whoop behind me. The guy on the previous hole was watching and shouting “GO!GO!.”

It did. Right into the cup.

He rushed over, gave me a couple of high fives and said “That’s the only hole-in-one I’ve ever seen!” He was as excited as I was. He couldn’t wait to sign my card.

So thanks to Johnny F. for validating my ace.

It was a great nine all in all. In addition to the ace, I also managed to shoot a career low for nine—a 37! It was just one of those days where everything was going right. My drives were long; the irons accurate. I also nearly holed out two shots from the fairway on par 4s.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish the round. I was needed at home.

But what a day!

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4 thoughts on “Hole In One For The GolfBlogger!”

  1. Been a long time reader.  Always great to hear a story about an ace, no matter if it’s the first or 30th of someone’s golfing career.

  2. Congrats. I hope she had more then dishes waiting for you! smile

    I’ve never had one, but seen 2. Almost had one playing alone earlier this week. Uphill, against the wind, 215 to back location with rescue duel 3. To 2 feet. Almost glad it didn’t go in, although I want one bad.

    40 years and counting-I started young!


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