Homemade Freddy Connect

The Freddy Connect—as seen on TV!—is a gadget that consists of a couple of LEDs that connect to the end of a golf club. When you swing the club in a darkened room, the path traced by the LEDs will let you know whether the clubface is open or closed at impact.

It’s $50 through mail order. But you can follow the instructions on this web site and build one yourself for $5.

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1 thought on “Homemade Freddy Connect”

  1. Go to radio shack and buy the parts and the batteries, auto off and on switch..clamp it simi permanatly onto your club..you’ll never get the led’s lined up the way the are on the Freddy..spend way too much time making the thing..OR..you can buy a Freddy for $20-$25 on Ebay…but it does work and well…


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