Honma Beres S-06 Driver

Honma Beres S-06 Driver

This gold number will only set you back $4, 299.99.

Honma calls this the “ultimate premium golf club” with “The finest craftsmanship that Honma’s master craftsmen haver ever designed.” It features:

  • Face deflection strongly supported by the new crown and sole design
  • The resilience of the crown and sole by deflection on impact supports clubface repulsion
  • The impact from a hit is transmitted effectively to the crown and sole by the face design.
  • The three new internal ribs extended from the face exert the never-before-seen interlocking effect between parts, resulting in high resilience and efficiency. * The face designed to give the highest performance.
  • The Ti-6-4 high-density forging method allows for a partially different thickness design based on thorough calculation, providing the most efficient face deflection.
  • The shaft is specially designed for the S-05 with a high launch angle and head speed ensures a longer carry distance.
  • The stiffness distribution adds the stable direction of the hit to the excellent grip.
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