Hooked On Golf Celebrates Ten Years

imageGolfblogger marked its tenth anniversary this past spring; now another of the Founding Fathers of Golf Blogging has reached that milestone: Hooked On Golf Blog

The HOG Blog is run by a man whom I consider a good friend, Tony Korologos. Although he lives half a country away from GolfBlogger World Headquarters, I have been fortunate enough to meet and play golf with him on several occasions. Most recently, Mrs. GolfBlogger and I spend several days with Tony and his wife, the lovely Alisanne, at the Sandals Emerald Bay Resort in the Bahamas.

Two qualities I’ve admired about Tony’s blogging are his adherence to principle and forthright nature. Whereas others have stooped to click bait articles about Amanda Dufner’s boobs and anything Tiger Woods, Tony sticks to actual golf.  While other blogs that have followed in our wake are willing to prostitute themselves to equipment companies in hopes of samples, Tony is unafraid to call a jack a jack.

Ten years is a long time to maintain a blog. Some ninety five percent of all the blogs created now lie abandoned. That Tony continues speaks to the love he has of golf.



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