Hope Springs Eternal

Here’s yet another article with a list of 20-something players who are set to challenge Tiger.


This one names Trevor Immelman, Brandt Snedeker, Justin Rose, Adam Scott and Martin Kaymer as exhibits one through five. Good players, all. But they haven’t shown me anything yet.

4 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal”

  1. We haven’t seen the Tiger challenger yet.  The only one set to actually challenge Tiger is Phil.  Anyone else who beats Tiger is because only because Tiger didn’t perform.  Phil is the only one who can, if he would, and he can’t consistently, perform at a near Tiger level.

    There was 35 years between Nicklaus and Tiger, I really suspect it will be at least 10-15 more years (20-25 years from Tiger’s debut) before we might see someone of his talent, and that is still a big might. 

    Some performers cannot be equaled or exceeded so easily, it was that way with Bobby Jones, it was with Nicklaus, and it now is with Tiger.  Why do we expect someone to come along and challenge so soon?  Where is today’s Michael Jordan?  Where is today’s Gretzky?

  2. I think Nicklaus played across several challengers, each of whom gave him a run in their own time … Palmer, Player, Trevino, Miller, Watson …

    During their peaks, each of those guys were as good as Jack on any given day. Jack’s strongest point was that he was able to be so good for so long.

  3. I have to admit, while Sabbatini calling out Tiger comes across as pretty much crazy talk, it does make for some entertainment.  Maybe the WWE model could work for the non-Tiger events.  You get Snedeker with some hot babes with larger nipples than him to come in and talk crap about Villegas who could start wearing a mask, like the latino wrestlers do.  Everyonce in a while you could have Vijay come in and clock Phil with a putter while Phil is in his backswing.  Instant ratings success, and you don’t need Tiger.


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