How To Bet On The Masters Tournament 2023

How To Bet on The Masters Tournament 2023

The 2023 Masters Tournament tees off on April 6th in Augusta, Georgia where the world’s best golfers will battle it out over the weekend for the right to win the famous Green Jacket.

As well as sending the golfing world into overdrive, the tournament is also set to have a massive impact on sports betting. Golfing fanatics and novices alike will be busy looking to  find the best Masters Odds over the weekend, believing they can get one over on the sportsbooks.

If, like so many, you’re new to the world of sports betting, read on to find everything you need to know about wagering on this year’s Masters Tournament.

The Masters 2023 Favourites

First time betters love certainty, and there’s nothing more certain than backing a favourite is there? Say that to long-time betters and you might receive a terse reply, especially when it comes to The Masters, a tournament that is notorious for upsets and outside winners.

Take 2016 for example, the year in which everyone was predicting that Jordan Spieth would retain his Green Jacket. Instead the rank outsider, Danny Willet from Rotherham, England won the tournament, despite being a +12,500 long shot at the beginning of the year.

(Seven years ago Danny Willet shocked the sporting world when he won The Masters, could someone do something similar this year?)

If it’s a nice, safe bet that you’re looking for the The Masters isn’t necessarily the best tournament to bet on, but that’s all part of the fun. Regardless of that, here are the 5 current favourites with the bookmakers to win at Augusta in April:

Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth & Collin Morikawa +1800

Cameron Smith +1600

Rory Mcilroy +800

Scotte Scheffler +800

Jon Rahm +700

American Odds Explained

You might well have looked at those odds above and made perfect sense, or more likely if you’re a new better, you will have looked at those odds and scratched your head. If that’s the case, fear not, as we take a brief look at how to understand American Odds.

Pluses & Minuses

Traditionally, beyond these shores, betting odds are either represented as fractions or decimals to show the better how much they would stand to win from a certain wager. Here in the USA, like in so many other things, we use our own system.

In American odds favourites are represented by a ‘-‘ and outsiders by a ‘+’, as the Masters is a tournament fought out between dozens of golfers, no player is deemed to be a favourite so all of the odds are represented by a ‘+’.

How this works in practice for The Masters is that if you bet $100 on Justin Thomas winning the Green Jacket, you will scoop $1,800 in winnings. Likewise, a successful $100 wager on Jon Rahm would see you coming away with an extra $700 in your bank account.

In tournaments like the Ryder Cup where players and teams are paired up against one another, you might see the outsider represented as +150 and the favourite as -150. The same rules would apply to the outsider, but if you were to back the favourite, you would need to wager $150 to win $100.

(Everything you need to know about odds from wikiHow.)

Finding Value

In such an unpredictable tournament as The Masters, it doesn’t really make much sense to pin all your hopes on to one player. A bad round, poor weather conditions or anything at all could see your star player go from contender to also-ran in the blink of an eye.

The best way to keep things interesting and fresh, and to give you the best chance of actually winning a bit of cash is to diversify your Masters bet. Don’t just bet on the outright winner, have a wager on who is likely to top the leader board after every day.

Bet on Rory Mcilroy to continue his Augusta hoodoo and not make the cut or bet on three players of your choosing to shoot a round of under 70. With DraftKings there are plenty of ways to bet and some really enticing odds, so you’ll never be stuck for what to do.

Just remember though, The Masters has a nasty habit of making a fool of golf’s biggest names, so don’t let it make a fool of you too.

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