How To Bet On The PGA Tour In New York

How To Bet On The PGA Tour In New York

Hello, New York and welcome to the wide world of sports betting in person and on sports apps.

And in this particular instance of talking sports betting, we’re going to talk to the golfers on this site about wagering on the PGA Tour…something that is intriguing to those of us who love the sport.

DraftKings, Caesars, FanDuel and BetRivers were the first four sports betting apps to go live. And, betting powerhouse BetMGM NY will be launching shortly. There’s never been a better time to be a bettor and a golf fan in New York.

Now the 2021-2022 PGA Tour schedule doesn’t have any events on tap in New York but with events coast to coast (actually further than coast to coast if you count Hawaii, Japan, China and Mexico which are all in the loop), it’s a worldwide phenomena that just keeps growing.

Add in the fact that New Yorkers can now wager on each and every event (as well as other prop bets…which we will get into in a few minutes) and you’ll have a new appreciation for the sport we’ve all come to know and love.

First Things First: Betting On Golf Is A Challenge

Unlike the sports mainstays–baseball, football, basketball, hockey and others–golf isn’t as easy as picking one team or the other to win.

In fact, it might be the toughest sport to bet. After all, the aforementioned four sports have Team ‘A’ against Team ‘B’ and a sport like horse racing sees bettors have a tough time picking a winner when there are 12-15 horses in a field.

Now try to pick a winner from a field of 144 PGA Tour players (during most events). Hmmm, got your attention, don’t we?

Before we dive into how we go about trying to pick winners (notice we said ‘trying’ as it’s certainly not an exact science) remember it’s called gambling for a reason.

Rule No. 1: There Are No Locks

A lot of bettors who give out their advice (well, many charge for it but that’s a different story) are sometimes quick to point out they have unbelievable winning percentages. But, a deeper dive will show that they may give out different winners to Bettor ‘A’, different winners to Bettor ‘B’, different winners to Bettor ‘C’ and so on. That way if any of those bets wind up coming in, they can chalk it up as a winner for the week. Oh, and the ones they gave out that lost? Well, they will just disregard those.

With that in mind, don’t overlook your own common sense when looking for players to wager on. It’s actually a great starting point but it is a little time consuming. First, check out the numbers on a variety of sports apps to get the best odds. Then look at past performances of players you might like and, best of all, bet an amount that you’re comfortable with.

Most bettors are going to find that picking golf winners on a regular basis is no easy task. In fact, it’s almost impossible. There are too many great players on the PGA Tour and with four rounds in most events, getting hot at the right time is the key.

Having a couple of bad shots can take your bet right out of contention early.

Tough To Pick A Winner? Try The Props

While we just said it’s tough to pick a winner, there are other options available for bettors on most PGA Tour events.

Most sports will have prop bets that can give bettors a little leeway when it comes to putting down a couple of bucks on the action.

Rather than picking a winner, bettors might want to make a wager on their favorite player being in the top 5, or the top 10. The bet won’t pay out as much as the odds will drop down but these wagers give your player a little room for a mistake or two.

There are other prop bets in some tournaments including head-to-head matchups, four-player matchups, hole-in-one props as well as daily odds to win the tournament after each round and head-to-head matchups for each round.

Let’s Get Started

Well, you may have already gotten started with the two Hawaii events but just most weeks for the next seven-plus months (culminating with the FedEx Cup three-event playoffs in August) bettors can put down a couple of bucks and root on their favorite player.

But before you start on the sports apps, check out sites like to check out how your favorite players have done in the past at upcoming events.

It’s certainly not a slam dunk when it comes to picking winners, but it will help you scope out which tournaments favor your players’ game.

Then it’s up to you in how you want to approach betting on golf and which types of bets you may favor.

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