How Long Will Woods Play? Maybe Jack Knows.

Tiger Woods has made some comments recently about how much longer he will play the game of golf (an absurd question, given that he’s only 30), saying “not as long as people think.”

But how long is that? In an interview in PGA dot Com, Jack Nicklaus says that his own desire to compete waxed and waned after age 35.

“My desire past 35 ebbed and flowed a lot. I wanted to play but I never really wanted to work that hard to achieve this or that.

“If I had a record to beat, I think I would have won more majors. But once I got past (Bobby) Jones’ record, there were no more mountains to climb. Up to that point I worked at it pretty hard,” he explained. “Tiger’s work ethic, I think, is better than mine. He’s been more single-minded; he (doesn’t) have as many distractions as I had, but I liked my distractions—that was spending time with my family.”

Nicklaus also said that he might have stopped much earlier, but for new golf technologies that kept him competitive.

That’s an interesting comment from a man who’s part of the “ball is too long” chorus.

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  1. I appreciate all Nicklaus did for the game of golf, and how good he was, but so many times it just seems like he’s trying to make excuses for himself or he’s talking about how great he is. Tiger is still on pace to win more majors than Jack, and “I’d have won more if I cared” is not a good excuse in my book. tongue laugh


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