How Sears Lost Me As A Customer

I don’t usually take my frustrations public, but sometimes “customer service” at the megafirms just drive me over the top. The latest in question is Sears. I was in the market for a new LCD TV and decided to see what Sears had to offer. I did a search and came up with the product below:


That was a good price, so I added it to my cart and went to checkout. It was then I discovered that Sears had pulled the bait-and-switch and increased the price to $386.99.

So I called “customer service.” The pleasantly stupid girl on the other end insisted that the price was $386.99 and that the problem was my computer wasn’t showing the price properly.

Huh??? Apparently she doesn’t have a clue about how the interwebs work.

I insisted that it was their site that was showing an incorrect number. She didn’t understand what I was talking about and so referred me to a supervisor. The supervisor then told me that Sears doesn’t honor the prices it shows on the website—only those that show up in the cart. Further, she explained, it’s all laid out in the website user agreement.

So the bottom line: Sears doesn’t honor its own advertisements.

They’ve lost a customer. Not that they care.

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2 thoughts on “How Sears Lost Me As A Customer”

  1. Sears is still running off the goodwill from when I was a little kid and loved going to Sears to sit on the lawn tractors and get the hot pretzel after Mom would buy pants or shoes for me.  But unfortunately those days and the days of the big Christmas wish book are long over.

    The only thing I buy from Sears now is tools, because on the low end, it still seems like Craftsman quality is a step above the other brands.

  2. That can’t be good for Sears, a store that’s supposed to pride itself on the techy stuff. They can’t even control their website.  It does look like the classic bait and switch. Report them to the Better Business Bureau. I did that to a collection agency who kept calling me just to find anyone with the last name Allen that might be on their list. It stopped them from calling me.


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