How Tiger Saved Golf In the Nation’s Capital

The Washington Examiner has an article on how Tiger Woods’ AT&T National saved professional golf in the Nations Capital. It came, of course, at the expense of the well-liked and unique International in Denver, but the Tour has a real need to schmooze and keep the politicians happy, so a tournament in the D.C. area probably is necessary.

The AT&T National is the descendant of the Kemper Open, which then became the Booz Allen. Back in the early 1980s, I worked at the Kemper Open in one of the tents as one of my assignments for the temporary labor agency, Temps & Co. Most of my jobs for Temps involved typing (I typed 110 words a minute in those days) and computer geekery. I helped set up the computers and databases for the Discovery Channel in the first weeks that they opened. But the Kemper assignment sounded interesting, so I took a break from my usual air conditioned assignments.

About the only thing I remember is endlessly schlepping food and drink supplies to the tent in a golf cart. I can’t recall seeing any of the tournament at all.

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