How To Lose A Ball In Plain Sight

Dangers of Autumn Golf

I looked for at least five minutes for this ball, my temper rising by the second. I absolutely knew where it had landed, yet I couldn’t find it for the life of me. That’s when I started looking under the fallen leaves.

I think the penalty for lost balls should be waived in the fall.

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2 thoughts on “How To Lose A Ball In Plain Sight”

  1. Our group does employ a “leaf rule” where playing partners will allow a free drop after a reasonable search in an area with fallen leaves.  Since the club just got a new blower (looks like a mini racetrack dryer) – hopefully we will have a few less leaves in the fairways and first cuts this fall. 

    While playing Pinehurst #2 last Saturday, my caddie left much to be desired.  a couple times in the waste areas, he would ask me as he joined my search “where do you think it went” – this did not endear my caddie to me.  He wasn’t experienced in reading putts either, but that I did pretty well on my own.  He needed to do 2 things well – carry my bag and watch where I hit.


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