How To Make $10 Million On Tour Without Playing

Remember Anthony Kim? A couple of years ago, he was golf’s new wunderkind, taking down Sergio Garcia in the Ryder Cup and racking up four wins in a relatively short period of time.

Then came the injuries. First a thumb, then his Achilles. Now Kim has not been seen on the TOUR now for more than two years. In fact, he’s hardly been seen anywhere. Old tour friends haven’t heard from him. Even his agent seems unsure of his exact whereabouts.

A recent article on Golf dot Com suggests that although he is healthy, Kim may be deliberately taking a dive: He has a ten million, tax free insurance policy against injury that prevents him from playing again. To make that sort of money playing, writer Alan Shipnuck says that Kim would need to earn some $35 million (when factoring in expenses).

Friends apparently say that Kim is healthy. He’s just not playing.

I always hate to see talent unrealized or underutilized, but in this case, I wouldn’t blame Kim if he takes the sure thing. Professional golf is perhaps the most uncertain of sports. You don’t draw a salary. No money is guaranteed. Winning a tournament has to be the most difficult feat in all of sports.

Still, if Anthony Kim does decide to hang it up, fans will be the poorer for not having him play.

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