How To Really Stink At Golf Book Review

imageHow to Really Stink at Golf

by Jeff Foxworthy and Brian Hartt

Grade: D

On the strength of his “You Might Be A Redneck” schtick, Jeff Foxworthy has sold more comedy recordings than any artist in history. His Comedy Channel shows and “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader” are television hits. Foxworthy’s also written twenty books, all of which are presumably funny.

But you wouldn’t know it from his latest effort, a slim volume called How To Really Stink At Golf.”

The basic premise of the book is that if you’re already bad at golf (and most are), then why not be REALLY bad at it. To that end, Foxworthy advises players (among other things) to not warm up, avoid practice, aim for the rough, misjudge your distances, drink alcohol and play with rental clubs.


This is not the sort of naturally funny golf material that you might find from PG Wodehouse, or Dan Jenkins. Foxworthy’s golf humor is strained, too obvious, and in the end, not very good. I’d even venture to say that Foxworthy probably hasn’t had a lot of exposure to the game.

And that’s too bad, because there’s a lot in golf that really is very funny.

The book also is not a particularly good value. It’s got a hundred and thirteen pages, and half of those are cartoons. I finished reading it in about twenty minutes.

Skip this one.

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