Hyundai Tournament of Champions Past Winners and History

imageThe Hyundai Tournament of Champions is the latest incarnation of the PGA Tour’s traditional season opening event with a field composed exclusively of winners from the previous season. Since the wraparound season was implemented, however, the Tournament of Champions now find itself positioned nearly a quarter of the way through the season.

I was surprised, when researching this piece, just how far back the Tournament of Champions extends. The first winner was Al Besselink in 1953 at the Desert Inn Country Club in Las Vegas Nevada. It remained there until the 1967 and 1968 tournaments, when it was played at Las Vegas’ Stardust Country Club. The following year, it moved to the La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California. In 1999, the event moved to the The Plantation Course at Kapalua, Hawaii, where it remains to this day.

Jack Nicklaus (who else) holds the record for most tournaments won, in 1963, 1964, 1971, 1973 and 1977. Four others—Stuart Appleby, Gene Littler, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson have three victories each. Interestingly, Appleby (2004, 2005 and 2006) and Littler (1955, 1956 and 1957) won theirs in consecutive years.

Hyundai’s took over the role of title sponsor from Seoul Broadcasting System, which just the previous year had signed a ten year agreement with the Tour. SBS remains as a sponsor, though.

The 2014 edition is in a bit of an odd position. The Tournament of Champions’ field consists of the previous year’s winners, but with the new wraparound season, it no longer is in the kickoff position. Nor is it at the tail end of the previous season—a place it might logically occupy. It is instead the tenth event of the PGA Tour season.

To avoid conflict with the NFL, the tournament is held on a Friday-to-Monday schedule.  Because the Tournament is in Hawaii, much of it will be shown after working hours for the continental US.

A list of Hyundai Tournament of Champions winners follows:

YearPlayerCountryScoreTo par1st Prize ($)
Hyundai Tournament of Champions
2015Patrick ReedUnited States271-211,140,000
2014Zach JohnsonUnited States273-191,140,000
2013Dustin JohnsonUnited States203*-161,140,000
2012Steve StrickerUnited States269-231,120,000
2011Jonathan ByrdUnited States268 (PO)-241,120,000
SBS Championship
2010Geoff OgilvyAustralia270-221,120,000
Mercedes-Benz Championship
2009Geoff OgilvyAustralia268-241,120,000
2008Daniel ChopraSweden274-181,100,000
2007Vijay SinghFiji278-141,100,000
Mercedes Championships
2006Stuart ApplebyAustralia284-81,080,000
2005Stuart ApplebyAustralia271-211,060,000
2004Stuart ApplebyAustralia270-221,060,000
2003Ernie ElsSouth Africa261-311,000,000
2002Sergio GarcíaSpain274-18720,000
2001Jim FurykUnited States274-18630,000
2000Tiger WoodsUnited States276-16522,000
1999David DuvalUnited States266-26468,000
1998Phil MickelsonUnited States271-17306,000
1997Tiger WoodsUnited States202-14216,000
1996Mark O’MearaUnited States271-17180,000
1995Steve ElkingtonAustralia278-10180,000
1994Phil MickelsonUnited States276-12180,000
Infiniti Tournament of Champions
1993Davis Love IIIUnited States272-16144,000
1992Steve ElkingtonAustralia279-9144,000
1991Tom KiteUnited States272-16144,000
Mutual of New York Tournament of Champions
1990Paul AzingerUnited States272-16135,000
1989Steve JonesUnited States279-9135,000
1988Steve PateUnited States202-1490,000
1987Mac O’GradyUnited States278-1090,000
1986Calvin PeeteUnited States267-2190,000
1985Tom KiteUnited States275-1372,000
1984Tom WatsonUnited States274-1472,000
1983Lanny WadkinsUnited States280-872,000
1982Lanny WadkinsUnited States280-863,000
1981Lee TrevinoUnited States273-1554,000
1980Tom WatsonUnited States276-1254,000
1979Tom WatsonUnited States275-1354,000
1978Gary PlayerSouth Africa281-745,000
1977Jack NicklausUnited States281-745,000
1976Don JanuaryUnited States277-1145,000
1975Al GeibergerUnited States277-1140,000
Tournament of Champions
1974Johnny MillerUnited States280-840,000
1973Jack NicklausUnited States276-1240,000
1972Bobby MitchellUnited States280-833,000
1971Jack NicklausUnited States279-933,000
1970Frank BeardUnited States273-1530,000
1969Gary PlayerSouth Africa284-430,000
1968Don JanuaryUnited States276-830,000
1967Frank BeardUnited States278-620,000
1966Arnold PalmerUnited States283-520,000
1965Arnold PalmerUnited States277-1114,000
1964Jack NicklausUnited States279-912,000
1963Jack NicklausUnited States273-1513,000
1962Arnold PalmerUnited States276-1211,000
1961Sam SneadUnited States273-1510,000
1960Jerry BarberUnited States268-2010,000
1959Mike SouchakUnited States281-710,000
1958Stan LeonardCanada275-1310,000
1957Gene LittlerUnited States285-310,000
1956Gene LittlerUnited States281-710,000
1955Gene LittlerUnited States280-810,000
1954Art Wall, Jr.United States278-1010,000
1953Al BesselinkUnited States280-810,000

*Tournament Shortened Due To Weather

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  1. Looking at the winning scores the last several years it obvious takes a very low 4 round total to get the job done.

    It makes me wonder what happened in 2006 when Stuart Appleby won with such a low score of 8 under.

    I’m guessing the Hawaii winds must have picked up during the tournament!

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