I Hate Standard Time

A view of the fifth hole from the new “Championship” tees at Washtenaw Golf Club.

I Hate Standard Time

Count me in the seeming minority of folk who hate Standard Time. If it came to a vote, I’d cast mine for year-round Daylight-Saving Time.

I care not whether I drive to work or work the first few hours of the day in the dark (I start at 7 am). My car has headlights, and the school has electric lights. Having the maximum amount of outdoor light available after work, on the other hand, is essential.

We moved to Standard Time Saturday night, and on Sunday, I played what likely was my last 18-hole round for a while. I teed off at 1:30 and just managed to finish the round before sunset at 5:30.

Five thirty sunsets are just not acceptable.

I know all the arguments about the health risks of disrupted sleep cycles with daylight saving. Advocates of standard time, however, seem to ignore the mental health risks associated with the Season Affective Disorder that comes with lack of sunlight.

My mental health is 100% improved by a round of golf after work.

It’s good for my students as well. They get to see the amenable version of me instead of the crabby version.

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