Ice Golf On Prince Edward Island

The Toronto Globe and Mail has an article on the ice course built by the village of Georgetown on Prince Edward Island. Laid out on the icy harbor, it uses old Christmas Trees to line the fairways. Putting greens are dyed the appropriate color and the “sand traps” are piles of snow. Ice fishing augers are used to cut holes. A round costs $10.

It’s apparently part of a growing movement of ice golf attractions.

2 thoughts on “Ice Golf On Prince Edward Island”

  1. Imagine. From a blog based in Michigan, via a newspaper based in Ontario, I hear about a golf story based 35 miles to my southeast.

    Advice to readers…you really should come. We play real golf mid-May to mid-October, unless you are nuts like me and play well over 100 rounds from the first of April until the middle of November. But come in July to mid-August for beach weather.

    Golf on PEI is a good google search. Prince Edward Island (PEI) is a close, safe destination for Americans in a part of Canada with a friendly but laid back attitude. We welcomed and shared in our American cousins grief on 9-11, we welcomed your President to our nations capital today and are your countries largest trading partner.

    We love Americans. And we are truly, truly sorry for Celine Dion.

  2. I’ve always planned to visit Canada. One of my dream trips is to Banff. Perhaps PEI should also be on the list.

    But now I’ll have to get a passport, and that’ll be difficult, seeing has how I don’t have a birth certificate—only a baptismal certificate.

    PS You also should be sorry for Alan Thicke.


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