Idyl Wyld Golf Course Review

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Idyl Wyld Golf Course
Livonia, MI

Grade: C
Teachers’ Comments: A player friendly neighborhood course.

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Idyl Wyld is not a great course, and to its credit, makes no such claims. It is a neighborhood muni, and the oldest of three owned by the City of Livonia.

Built in 1925, Idyl Wyld has all the hallmarks of a course of that era. The holes are generally straighforward, running straight out and in parallel to each other. Every hole has a splendid view of another, and except on the course’s perimeter, wayward balls are still likely to end up in a fairway (just not yours). It is not quite a shooting gallery, though, because of the trees lining the fairways.

The course is mostly flat, but does have some elevation changes thanks to two creeks that run through it. The creeks, along with three sizable ponds, offer some nice variety, as well as hazards to avoid. There are perhaps two dozen small bunkers.The main defense of the course, however, are its relatively small greens.

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My favorite hole is probably the par 5 seventh, which measures 576 yards. It is a slight dogleg right, and the tee shot must be on line lest you be trapped behind a tree for your second shot. On the second shot, you’ve to make a decision: lay up in front of a creek, or try to clear it. The third is uphill to the green.

Idyl Wyld bas two sets of tees. The back measure 5,817 yards and play to a 68.9/122. The shorter tees measure 5,022 and play to a 69.7/112. That’s not long, but no one is going to play a championship here, so that’s fine.

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Conditions on the days I have played can best be described as shaggy. While the fairways and greens were grown in, it was all a little rough. Greens were slow. But again, they don’t claim to be a premium track.

Weekend rates are $19.50 walking and $33.50 riding. There’s absolutely no reason to ride. This is one of the most walkable courses in the area. Tees follow closely on greens, and the terrain has no “heart attack hills.”

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A big bonus is that attached to Idyl Wyld is a very nice sports pub, the One Under. I have played this course a couple of times for a wrestling team charity outing and the food there afterwards was quite tasty.

If this were my neighborhood course, I’d play there often. And then I’d have a bite to eat after.

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