If We Can Just Get Them To Keep An Honest Score

Preacher, one of my playing partners yesterday, is one of the more interesting characters I’ve met on the course. An Associate Pastor, he’s got quite a game. He outdrove me on several holes, hit greens in regulation and displayed a very good short game. His only failing was his putting. Even so, I’m sure he was playing bogey golf or better. None of that is particularly remarkable but for this: he’s 80. He looks 60 and plays 50.

Matching his golf game is his ability to tell stories. Here’s one:

“I played with a guy the other day who found 5,000 dollars on the golf course. And after I talked to him, he decided to turn the entire thing in to the police.

It’s true. It was all over the news.

Then another friend of mine found a wad of cash, and he said that because the first guy was so honest, he was going to turn it in, too. But he never did tell me how much money was in that pile.

Now if I could just get them both to keep an honest score.”

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5 thoughts on “If We Can Just Get Them To Keep An Honest Score”

  1. Cool that you shared Preacher’s story…he’s a character, and a fun fellow golfer.  I AM however disappointed that you didn’t remark about how enjoyable I was as a member of the group…hahaha…

  2. Blogger – Praying you and your loved ones are safe and sound-  seeing the news about the Ann Arbor storms now.

  3. I dunno…maybe the sitcom that I just partnered into for treatment presentation to a major studio?  (this just happened yesterday)


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