In For Review: Brewdog Bushwood Beer

In For Review: Brewdog Bushwood Beer

I recently acquired a box of Brewdog Bushwood Caddyshack Beer for review.

Bushwood, of course, is the country club in the classic golf movie Caddyshack. It was based on the Indian Hill Club in Illinois where the Murray brothers caddied. The course used for the movie is Grand Oaks in Davie, Florida (It was called Rolling Hills Country Club at the time.

Bushwood Beer is a product of Brewdog, a brewery and pub chain based in Ellon, Scotland.

The Brewdog USA brew house is located in Columbus, Ohio.

Here’s what Brewdog says about the Bushwood Beer:

Caddyshack in a can. Bushwood Beer, the light and fresh beer that’s crushable on the course. This light-colored straw lager features a creamy white head and moderate carbonation. Hop additions give Bushwood Beer a light grassy, lemon character, balanced by a sweet malt aroma. At a 5% ABV, you’ll be able to scamper along and play at least 9 holes. Don’t worry, it’s good luck!

Calories per 12 oz. can: 142. Carbs: 12.5g.

I’ll pull in my crack team of beer drinkers for their opinions and will have a full review shortly.

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