In The Mail: Adixion Putter From MLA

Adixion Putter from MLA
Adixion Putter from MLA

In the mail for testing this week is an Adixion Putter from MLA Golf.

The Target Series Adixion putter has unique alignment system called Multiple Line-detector Activation, which leads to the name of the company: MLA.

MLA describes its technology:

We all have internal guides to compare and analyze sensory information that control pace and direction of putts. The MLA putters are designed to take advantage of these guides. MLA Putters worked with Dr. Lennart Högman, Ph.D. Dr. Högman has studied the perceptual process for more than 20 years and has performed studies that have revised the science between the human’s perceptions and the human being’s motor skills. Dr. Högman says: “An alignment system that acts upon multiple line detectors is a key to obtain veridical motion perception and a perfect in-line stroke surface.” 

The brain consists of 100,000 line detectors that are divided into a number of groups that help us decide what is straight. A simple line, for example, activates a group of detectors. When several groups of detectors are activated, these help the brain to make correct judgments. However, the more line detectors that are stimulated will not automatically lead to a better line judgment. On the contrary, this can create a “competition” between the line detectors that will lead to different degrees of (so called) optical illusions. MLA is developed to activate the maximum number of coordinated detectors for optimal aiming judgment.

Adixion Putter from MLA
The MLA Alignment on the top of their Adixion Putter.

MLA makes fifteen different models, in a variety of styles. The Adixion model has strong perimeter weighting and is face balance on a striking black shaft. It’s fairly hefty, with a head weight of 360 grams.

I’ll have a full review after further testing. My initial reaction, however, is favorable.

Adixion Putter from MLA

Adixion Putter from MLA

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