In The Mail: Canteen Spirits Vodka Soda

In The Mail: Canteen Spirits Vodka Soda

In the mail for review this week is a case of Canteen Spirits’ Vodka Soda. They’re a flavored sparkling soda mixed with vodka. That makes it different from, say, a White Claw, which is a flavored malt beverage.

With its vodka content, Canteen is zero sugar, zero carbs and just 99 calories. The vodka content works out to 5% ABV.

Canteen Spirits Vodka Soda comes in five flavors: Watermelon, Strawberry, Ruby Red, Lime, Cucumber Mint and Black Cherry.

If you want just a little bit of alcohol on the course, without the bloating that can come with a beer, this just might be the ticket.

I had one of the Black Cherry cans last night while watching the Super Bowl. It was tasty. I’ll have a full review in a few weeks.

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