In The Mail: Check Point Swing Laser

check point swing laser

In The Mail: Check Point Swing Laser

In the mail for review this week is a Check Point Swing Laser.

Update: Read the full Check Point Swing Laser Review

The Check Point Swing Laser kit has two parts. The first consists of two green laser pointers on a cradle that attaches to your club. The second is a long cloth banner with a stripe down the center.

In The Mail: Check Point Swing Laser

The idea is to practice a perfectly aligned takeaway by keeping the laser beams focused on the line on the banner as you draw the club back.

The idea is that if you can get the club into the proper positions on the way back, you are far more likely to make a good swing through.

Proper grip, setup, alignment, and takeaway. Then the swing takes care of itself.

The downward facing laser corrects your swing path. The upward facing laser checks and corrects the swing plane.

My swing plane is definitely off by the standards of this device. I find it interesting that in trying to keep the lasers on the line, I am feeling pulls on my shoulders in different places than I am used to.

I have this notion that if I work with this for a while, I will more naturally get my club into position and thus produce a better swing.

I’ll have a full review after I have spent some time working with the Check Point Swing Laser

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