In The Mail: Garmin R10 Launch Monitor

In The Mail: Garmin R10 Launch Monitor

Arriving in the mail for review this week is a Garmin R10 Launch Monitor.

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When connected to a smartphone, the Garmin R10 tracks a dozen key metrics, including club head speed, ball speed, swing tempo, ball spin and launch angle. In the “Training Mode,” players can use these metrics to improve with stats for each club and a shot dispersion chart.

While using Training Mode, R10 users can simultaneously use their phones to record swing video. The package comes with a clip for attaching your smartphone to your bag so you can set it behind you and record. Stats for each shot can be overlaid on the video clips allowing further analysis.

In addition, the Garmin R10 has a golf simulator for playing 42,000 worldwide courses.

“The Approach R10 golf launch monitor combines lightweight portability with a fun, easy-to-use platform so you can work on your game wherever and whenever you’d like,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “Whether you are tied up with a busy schedule or facing impending weather on the range, you can still work on your golf swing from home or virtually take a shot where the pros will play this weekend. Either way, the Approach R10 keeps you golfing.” 

Garmin offers a Garmin Golf app premium membership that lets Approach R10 owners virtually test out courses before a trip or courses close to home with the Home Tee Hero golf simulator. Premium members also receive access to weekly tournaments that offer a new random course every week.

I look forward to testing it. I’m heading over to Washtenaw Golf Club’s driving range this afternoon to give it a go.

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