In The Mail: GForce Golf Swing Trainer

Arriving in the mail for review this week was a GForce Swing Trainer.

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One one level, the GForce is a pretty familiar piece of equipment: a flexible club that helps groove path, rhythm, tempo, transition, and release.

Where the GForce sets itself apart from innumerable competitors is that it is designed to actually hit balls. It has the same swingweight as a standard club, and a real club head.

In the mail for review this week is a GForce Golf Swing Trainer, a flexible swing trainer that you can actually use to hit balls.

The fact that it can be used at the range for more than just a warmup means that the GForce can provide much more feedback than your standard flexible club, such as an Orange Whip.

Further, because it is the same weight and length as a standard 7 iron, users won’t be grooving their swing with something that feels significantly different.

I’ll have a full review in a few weeks.

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