In The Mail: Golf Pride MCC Teams Grips

In the mail for review this week was a set of Golf Pride MCC Team Grips.

GolfPride offers a large range of color combinations — one of which likely matches your favorite team (or at least comes close).

The Golf Pride MCC Teams grips are a hybrid. They have a brushed cotton cord top to help wick away moisture, and a comfortable rubber in the lower for feel and responsiveness. The surface has a pebble texture and plus-sign patterns.

Golf Pride is the grip on 80% of tour players’ clubs, so they must be on to something.

Both of my alma maters use a variant of Blue and Yellow for their colors: West Virginia is “Old Gold and Blue,” while Michigan is “Maize and Blue.” The Golf Pride MCC Team are perfect.

I’ll have a full review in a couple of weeks. First, I’ve got to decide which set of clubs gets upgraded to these.

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