In The Mail: GolfForever Swing Trainer

Arriving in the mail for review this week was a GolfForever Swing Trainer (official site).

The trainer is designed to work with the GolfForever fitness app, which has been developed by Dr. Jeremy James and 1997 Open Championship winner Justin Leonard. Their goal is to “develop your body for better, stronger, pain-free golf.”

The app has a library of workouts and exercises, some of which are optimized for use with the swing trainer.

The trainer itself is comprised of a bar with two heads of varying weights, which can be used as a weighted club for swinging. When attached to the resistance cord, it is used to work on balance, speed and mobility.

Stronger, pain free golf. That’s what I aspire to.

I look forward to testing the GolfForever Swing Trainer, and will have a full review in a few weeks.

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