In The Mail: Lamkin Grips


In the mail for review were three new Lamkin grips from their 2018 line. Here’s what Lamkin says :

The Comfort Plus (top) is the perfect grip for golfers that prefer a soft and shock-absorbing feel, but want the proven durability of a traditional rubber grip. Made with the soft and durable DSX material, Comfort PLUS features a shallow Micro-Texture pattern and unique un-buffed finish to deliver a smoother surface and exceptionally comfortable feel.  The reduced-taper, straighter shape reduces excess grip tension for a smoother, more controlled swing. Finally, an ultra-soft grip with the all-weather performance and durability that only rubber can offer. ($7.99)

The Sonar (middle) is an exceptionally appealing grip that offers both a comfortable, tacky feel with a high-performance material and a functional network of unique micro textures. The reduced-taper profile encourages the ideal light-pressure grip tension for greater shot consistency and control. A tacky and responsive feel make SONAR ideally suited for a wide range of players looking for a grip that feels as good as it performs.   ($8.99)

The TS1 (bottom) is a distinctive high-performance grip that delivers exceptional feel and performance. Made with new hybrid materials that are slightly softer than traditional rubbers, the TS1 retains exceptional durability and all-weather performance. The grip’s functional Micro-Texture Technology optimizes torsional stability and provides outstanding grip control. TS1 is an excellent choice for golfers who prefer a responsive, Tour-inspired and high-performance grip. ($9.99)

I’m going to put these on a couple of clubs and test them out. I’ll have reviews later.  To be fair, though, it is actually snowing here in Michigan as I write this, so I’m not sure exactly when later is.


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