In The Mail: Night Eagle Glow Balls

night eagle-6382I recently received a pack of Night Eagle golf balls for testing. Unlike other glow in the dark balls, the LEDs on these stay on continuously throughout the round. The on-off switch on the ball is activated by shining a light from your smartphone at the sensor (middle ball) for a couple of seconds. To turn it off, you simply shine a light at the sensor again. Ambient light does not turn it off and on.

The light mechanism works well. I’ll let you know in a few weeks how it plays.

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1 thought on “In The Mail: Night Eagle Glow Balls”

  1. I have purchased at least 50 of these balls through glow products. The balls are very bright if you get some that work I have had multiple malfunctions from these balls, everything from new balls with almost dead batteries, balls that go out after hit, etc.
    I have 8 balls right now that have never been hit and kept in the provided blackout box that never worked from the start.


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