In The Mail: Saintnine Golf Balls

In The Mail: Saintnine Golf Balls
Saintnine Golf Balls

In The Mail: Saintnine Golf Balls

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Update: Read the Saintnine Golf Ball Review

In the mail this week for review are two boxes of Saintnine Golf Balls.

A relatively new company (since 2012), Saintnine is a division of Nexen Tire. The name refers to St. Andrews.

The Extreme Soft Gold features an 85 compression core, an inner- and outer-mantle, a urethane cover and 336 dimples. Designed for mid to low handicap golfers, the Extreme Soft Gold is said to be the highest spinning Tour Level ball available.

In their literature, Saintnine compares the ball to the Pro V1, Callaway Chromesoft and Bridgestone Tour B RXS

The UPro is, uniquely, a two-piece premium urethane ball. At its heart is what Saintnine “Nex-Gen Core with high energy performance,.” The second layer is a urethane cover with a 322 dimple design. The UPro is targeted at golfers of all skill levels who want to generate distance with a high trajectory ball flight.

Saintnine compares the UPro to the Callaway Supersoft and Callaway Tour Soft.

The balls seem competitively priced for their target audiences.

Saintnine golf balls come in a wide variety. In addition to the UPro and Extreme Soft Gold, they offer:

  • The Saintnine Misty, a 3-piece matte finish ball
  • The Saintnine Q, a three piece distance ball with a soft feel
  • The Saintnine X, a non-conforming ball that the company says compares to the old, smaller, “British Ball” and will add 10 yards to your game. It’s smaller and heavier than the current standard.

In an interesting — and cute — touch, each ball is emblazoned with the icon of an animal that Saintnine calls “Mental Mates.” Each of these characters is supposed to help you improve your game by providing a better state of mind.

In fact, Saintnine’s slogan is “Strong Mind. Strong Game.”

They’re right, of course. Golf IS a mental game.

I’ll have a full review in a couple of weeks.

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